Where/when will the event be held?

Throughout Harrisonburg's Downtown Court Square from 11AM-2PM.

Who is this event for?

It's for everyone! We will have information for parents, providers, employers, and members of the community. 


What should we expect to learn?

There will be information on:

  • The importance of quality childcare and its effects on the community as a whole;
  • The importance of provider education for improving quality care;
  • The impact of providers' low wages on quality care;
  • The benefits of quality care to employers and businesses;
  • The outcomes of quality care for families and their children;
  • The accessibility and affordability of childcare in our area.


Is this event child-friendly?

Absolutely! We will have activities and fun finds for children along the way from our local sponsors.


What's the schedule for the day?

Beginning at 11:00 - Registration at Court Square under the "Day With No Childcare" banner and then proceed to the Scavenger Hunt!

Visit the Day With No Childcare flags located around town to participate in activities and gather information about quality child care in our area.

2:00 - Join us at WHSV-TV for our big wrap-up!


Any other questions?

Contact us here, and we'll be happy to answer!